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“ Just got my reports back from Angel. I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t super impressed. My order was done lightning fast, and he went above and beyond to add a couple bells and whistles here and there to make my order even more powerful. Angel’s customer support is top notch, and he was more than willing to offer advice and suggestions on how to best take advantage of this service. This will be a staple of all my existing and future sites. For the price of this product, it’s a no-brainer. ”
Mical Johnson

“ I love the “hand off” process that Angel has made. I didn’t have to wonder or check to see if it was done correctly. He delivered exactly what was promised No fuss. No second guessing. No micro managing needed. It will be added to every campaign I do. ”



“ Well there’s not much more I can say that the other reviews haven’t already said. It’s refreshing to order a service and to receive it and not need to request that they make changes to be made.The service provided by Angel is spot on and I’m excited that I now have his services to add to my arsenal. He has now made it to the top of my preferred suppliers. Thanks Angel. ”
Deborah Bradley

“ Exactly what I was hoping for and saved me so much time. So much easier to scale my business with Angel offering awesome services like this – thank you, Angel! ”



“ Just got my Google Stack order back and am blown away by the amount of work and the value that I received. Could I have done this myself? Probably. But having Angel do it saved me time and I know that it was done correctly and completely.– thanks, Angel! ”
Bryan Hassler

“ Angel provides an excellent service. He responded to my initial support questions immediately and delivered my stack a whole day ahead of schedule. He went above and beyond in making custom adjustments that I requested. This is top-notch, accurate work done by a pro. I will be back for more soon! ”


Dan Anton

“ Just received my report and I’m blown away by the attention to detail put into this.I’m well aware of the power this Google property stack can have from my own testing. The problem is that it is VERY tedious to do correctly. Angel has managed to systematize this process without sacrificing any quality at all. And the price he is offering this at is a complete no brainer. Amazing service at an affordable price = win/win. Thanks Angel. ”
Jimmy Kelley

“ Angel does an excellent job and gets the properties built out right. I highly recommend any of the services that Angel offers all of them have been great. The google stack is a great way to funnel a lot of juice and get your links some love they need. If you are looking for a boost in your google rankings then give this service a try you won’t be disappointed. ”



“ I was very impressed by the way things were set up for this gig. The intricacy of the work was incredible….I havent seen anything like it before. Angel is a stand up guy, who’s freakin’ awesome at SEO. For what he’s charging for this gig…he should only be giving away 1/4 of what he provides. Incredible deal, its a steal – thanks, Angel! ”

“ Angel knows his stuff- he showed me several examples of top rankings he’s achieved in a very short timeframe. Best of all, he then broken down the strategies of how he uses Custom maps, Google properties, and other legit tricks of how to tie this all together in a way Google loves. ”


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